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Security Cameras Capture ‘Emotional Support Dog’ Coming to Anxious Pooch’s Aid After Hearing His Sad Howl

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A home security system captured the adorable moment an “emotional support dog” came to the aid of an anxious pooch after hearing his sad howls from another room.


Border collie Bruce has always been an anxious dog, his owner, Evie Jappy, 31, revealed, and she often felt bad leaving him at home while she and her husband were at work.

Evie decided Bruce would benefit from a companion, and so she adopted a cocker spaniel, Frank, who, after some initial teething problems, grew to show his loving side.

When Frank hears any distress from his owners or Bruce – he’s quick to run through his home and offer a cuddle.

That love was most visible when Evie’s home security captured Bruce lying on his owners’ bed, letting out a sad-sounding howl, which made its way all through the home.

Frank was lying in another room, but as soon as he heard the noise, he immediately grabbed Bruce’s favorite ball, which he took through the house and brought to his brother.


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Stunned, Evie had been checking her security cameras at her home in Scotland when she saw the show of love by Bruce’s “emotional support dog,” as she dubbed Frank, play out.

She said: “I was checking the footage of my cameras to see how they were getting on and noticed Bruce howling.

“I then saw Frank appear moments later, which made me check the footage on the living room camera, which showed the exact moment Frank heard Bruce’s howl.


“You can faintly hear it in the background before Frank runs upstairs.

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“Bruce’s favorite toy is a ball, and seeing Frank take the ball up, knowing that’s the toy he loves, made me see how much he cared for his brother.

“It made me feel at ease knowing we can leave them at home happily, knowing they enjoy each other’s company and can support each other.

“It also made me feel happy at how good they are together when not being observed.


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“Dogs are the best; even when they don’t know they’re being watched, they still do the best they can to help and be there emotionally for each other.

“Also, if anyone is thinking of getting a second: do it.”

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