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This is the adorable moment four siblings discover a puppy as an early Christmas present at the end of a surprise scavenger hunt created by their parents.

Andrew and Trena Nelson, from Idaho, USA, set up the game for their children Jordan, 11, Paige, aged nine, and twins Boston and Melanie both aged four.

While the kids were told to wait in one room, Trena went out to pick up the Chihuahua puppy and Andrew worked on the scavenger hunt clues, placed throughout the house.

The four children expertly work together to figure out each clue, excitedly running to the next location before they reach the final clue telling them to go to the garage.

When they open the door, they see a box waiting for them with the lid loosely ajar, and the cute dog pops her head out the box sending the children into joyous disbelief.


Andrew, who shot the video on December 8, said: “We had a Chihuahua five years ago named Callie who we had for one year.

“We sold Callie because we found out we were having twins and didn’t feel like a lap dog could be handled with two babies who needed our attention.

“Jordan, six at the time, and Paige, four at the time, were devastated and they both still had Callie in their prayers at night for a long time after.

“Fast forward four years and Jordan and Paige have been begging for a dog the last few months.

“My wife Trena and I have been giving excuses to why we could not get a dog such as our landlord won’t let us etc.

“We found cute Chihuahua puppies for sale, secretly went to look at them and fell in love with the black and brown Chihuahua girl puppy they were selling.

“We wanted to keep it a surprise for Christmas but after a few days the owners of the puppies began asking when we were picking the puppy up so we decided to bring her home earlier than expected.


“The best way we thought to surprise our children was to have a scavenger hunt in the house with the new puppy being the surprise at the end of the scavenger hunt.

“We routinely play games in the afternoons as a family so they had no idea what was about to happen.

“We then gave them the first clue and instructions to the scavenger hunt. They followed all of the clues until at the end was the new puppy waiting in the garage in a Christmas box.

“They were so excited and shocked – my daughter Paige was verbally very excited as you can see in the video.

“My oldest Son Jordan was shocked and at a loss for words – I also think he was trying to hold back tears.

“The twins had mixed reactions as well as Boston was scared of the puppy and Melanie took it in stride with her older sister Paige and welcomed the puppy and was happy.”

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