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A patriotic goose has been filmed stopping still in the middle of a road for the Star-Spangled Banner on a military base.

The moment was captured by US Navy Seabee Nick Brown on base in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Nick had been driving on base when the daily anthem was aired over the bases giant voice system.

As is traditional, all military personnel stop what they are doing and respect the anthem.

But on this occasion, they were joined by feathered friend – who also stopped still in the middle of the road, refusing to move until after the anthem was sounded.

Nick, originally from Those Island, said: “These geese are all over the base here in Mississippi. They migrate south during winter.

“We constantly have to stop to let them cross the road – there’s tons of them. 

Goose Stands To Attention For U.S. Anthem At Military Base

“When on base we have to stop for the national anthem. On some bases you have to get out and salute, but on ours you just have to stop, turn the radio down and salute from your vehicle.

“O this day, as the anthem began, I noticed the goose dead in front of us in the middle of the road had also stopped still.

“It didn’t move an inch and stayed there completely motionless looking straight at us throughout.

“There were all other geese either side of the road just off screen in the video all jumping about as normal, but this one goose was different and remained still for the entire anthem.

“He did it correctly, so much so I’d say he had great military bearing, just as good as any military member. 

“He didn’t move a muscle until after you hear the little ditty after the end of the anthem, which is our cue to carry on with our duties.”

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