Rescue Dog Reunited With Navy Owner After Boot Camp


An excitable rescue dog couldn’t hide his delight when his military mom returned home from boot camp – knocking her over in the process.

Happy Zeus sprinted to the kitchen while letting out high-pitched squeals of joy, and it was there he discovered Kacie McKehl Gregg, who had been away for around six months.

Kacie, 19, had such a strong bond with Zeus that in the months following her heading to boot camp in February 2019, the loving pitbull would sleep outside her bedroom door, before eventually being allowed into her bed at her family’s home.

Zeus is estimated to be between 5 and 6 years of age and was rescued by Kacie; her sister, Cadence, 14; and their family, who live in Newport, Tennessee.

In October 2018, Kacie joined the Navy, and having headed to boot camp in February, she later graduated with top honors as a gunner’s mate.


According to Kacie’s mother, Crystal, Zeus was mistreated before the family adopted him, and so now he is extremely loving to those who show him affection.

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media