Mom-to-be Is Shocked When Her Gender Reveal Surprise Turns Out To Be Engagement Proposal As Well

No one had any idea he was about to do this!


A mom-to-be who thought she was taking part in a gender reveal was stunned when it turned out to be a proposal staged by her husband.

Sarah O’Grady and her partner Manny Araujo, from Ontario, Canada, had planned their gender reveal party weeks in advance.

With all their friends and family in attendance, and gathered around the families garage door, they prepared to raise it and reveal the gender of their new baby.

But little did Sarah and the guests gathered know, Manny had orchestrated a surprise of a different kind – a proposal.

As the couple stand eagerly awaiting the reveal while the garage door slowly opens, some letter balloons creep into view.


And as the door reaches the top every bursts into screams of shock as it reveals the words “Marry me”.

Gender reveal proposal
Gender reveal proposal
Gender reveal proposal

A clearly shocked Sarah is left in tears as Manny goes down on one knee to ask her hand in marriage.

Other than Sarah’s sister Ashely, no other guests had any clue that this was to be a double surprise party.

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Manny said: “I asked Sarah’s sister, Ashley C., to help me plan the proposal.

“So everyone, including Sarah, and except for Ashley and I, thought inside the garage would be balloons or a sign revealing the gender of our baby, but instead there was balloons asking Sarah to marry me.”

Manny added: “This day was actually supposed to only be our gender reveal, but I thought Sarah would really like if I proposed to her that same day too.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media