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Man Who Couldn’t Wait to Be a Dad So He Could “Rock A Fanny Pack” Surprised With One for Pregnancy Announcement

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A man who couldn’t wait to be a dad so he could get away with rocking a fanny pack was stunned when his wife surprised him with one – with a positive pregnancy test inside.

Sebastien Jolicoeur, 29, from British Columbia, Canada, made the statement to his wife, Olivia, 26, last year, which gave Olivia the perfect idea for a surprise pregnancy announcement.

Over the holiday season, Olivia would hide a homemade cinnamon bun somewhere in the couple’s home every day for Sebastien to find.

Then, one day as he searched their living room, Sebastien looked in a closet to discover the usual Tupperware container – but with something else inside.

As the pulled out the fanny pack, Sebastien looked confused but intrigued, and then Olivia, who was filming the moment on December 10, encouraged her husband to look inside.


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Sebastien, starting to figure out what could be unfolding, then searched inside the pack to reveal the positive test result, letting out a loud “no way” before a loving embrace with Olivia.

He said: “I was excited for a cinnamon bun and then when I opened the container I was confused but I didn’t want to upset Olivia.

“Then, when I realized what it meant, I couldn’t believe it – I felt euphoric and giggly.


“I’ve wanted to be a dad for a long time.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media


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