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Man Thinks He’s Losing His Mind When Wife Speaks to Him Through Doorbell Camera

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A man was left spooked on his porch when his wife started speaking to him through their doorbell camera and he had no idea where the voice was coming from.


Chris York, 52, had no idea that his wife, Kristi, 50, had installed the camera while he was away for work.

Sitting on his porch in Russell Springs, Kentucky, Chris suddenly heard Kristi’s voice say, “Hey! What are you doing?”

A surprised Chris answered back before looking around and questioning, “How are you talking to me? My phone is in the bedroom.”

Kristi, 50, then replied: “You’re always being watched by your wife.”

At this point, a panicked Chris stood up, his wife trying to explain that she was speaking through the doorbell, but he did not hear.


Chris then paced around, asking “How are you talking to me? I don’t have my phone on me,” the fear in his voice getting greater and greater.

Eventually, Chris approached the doorbell, asking, “How are you talking through that stinking doorbell?”

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The perplexed look on Chris’ face was captured on camera, which his daughter, Lindsey Brown, 32, who later watched the video, shared on her social media channels to a viral response.


According to Lindsey, Chris is a truck driver who is often gone throughout the week.

One week, Kristi installed the new doorbell but had not told her husband, which resulted in the confusion in Chris’s voice when she spoke to him through it for the first time.

Though the moment occurred in April 2021, Lindsey did not share the video on TikTok until years later.

She said: “My dad is from a really small town and very old school, so he’s not hip to this new technology.

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“He was so scared and thought he was going crazy.

“Most people who have seen the video thought it was hilarious.

“Others, though, have said they felt sorry for him.

“Life is short, so people should have fun, laugh, and enjoy these little moments.”

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