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Loving Sister Secretly Flies to Hawaii to Hide in the Bleachers and Surprise Her Twin Sisters During a Volleyball Tournament

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A loving sibling has captured the emotional journey she made by flying thousands of miles to Hawaii to surprise her “best friend” twin siblings during a volleyball tournament. 


In the sweet footage, Kennadi Prior, 27, can be seen traveling from her home in Utah, before waiting in the bleachers during her sisters’ volleyball games Concordia University.

Kennadi is extremely close to her siblings, Cassie and Mattie, 18, who had been given scholarships to play for the Irvine, California-based university, and are currently freshmen.

In order to make the surprise work, Kennadi’s parents traveled out to the game, too, and took a series of photos of their journey without Kennadi in them.

Kennadi Prior / T&T Creative Media

At the same time, Kennadi informed her sister that she was working, before sneaking into the gymnasium in Hilo, Hawaii, and taking a seat.

As the twins entered the gym, Cassie caught sight of Kennadi and gasped, turning around to tell Mattie that their sister was there.


The surprise made them well up on the side of the volleyball court, but due to their playing conditions, the twins then had an agonizing wait until after their games before they could speak to Kennadi.

That moment came in the form of a loving hug, where all three siblings fought back tears.

The surprise took place on October 19, with Kennadi later sharing a compilation video of her journey on her social media accounts.

She said: ” After the game they asked their coach if they could come say hi and then we ran to each other and embraced. I love them so much. 


“I have tried to be a very supportive sister and so I try to be very involved in their lives. 

“This was incredible and such a special moment to share with them. 

Kennadi Prior / T&T Creative Media
Kennadi Prior / T&T Creative Media

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“They had no idea this was going to happen. All I could do was cry because I have missed them so much. 

“They really are two of my closest friends, and it was such a sweet response to my surprise.”

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