Hilarious Accident Leads To Young Girl’s Tooth Being Pulled Out


A little girl nervous about her cousin dropping a heavy toy attached to her wobbly tooth is comforted by an adult – who accidentally drops the toy yanking the tooth out anyway.

Adorable Imani has a remote-control car tied to her tooth but appears to be having second thoughts about letting cousin Tre drop it and in doing so tug out her baby tooth.

While her aunt Melissa Mireles and boyfriend Chris are filming, Chris notices Imani having doubts and passes her the toy offering her the option to drop it herself when she is ready.

But as he gives it to her, it rolls off the youngster’s lap crashing to the floor – pulling her tooth out as it goes leaving Imani hilariously looking at Chris bewildered over what just happened.

Mom Janelle Mercado, from Tempe, Arizona, said: “Her front tooth was really wiggly – she’d been messing with it for about a week but it just didn’t seem quite ready to come out yet.


“Imani was spending the night at her aunt Melissa’s house having a sleepover with her younger cousin Tre.

“When I was sent the video, and saw the car attached to my daughter’s tooth, as she was screaming I was cringing but I couldn’t look away.

“But boy was I wrong this video is hilarious. I watched it about 10 times in a row and it just kept getting funnier.”