Mailman Battles Through Floods To Deliver Mail

He refused to let the floods stop his customers getting their mail

A dedicated USPS mailman was caught on camera wading through floodwaters to ensure locals received their mail on time despite the rising waters.

Crystal Washington was visiting her grandparent’s house in Hays, Kansas, for the weekend when she popped outside to see how bad the flooding was getting.

Cars were abandoned and some even submerged under water as rain continued falling consistently from about 7am on July 6 2018 until the early afternoon.

But as Crystal looks around the almost empty streets, she spots a devoted mailman on his route, carefully making his way through the fast-flowing floods to deliver packages.

She said: “I noticed a mail carrier on the corner and decided to video him to show the reality of how deep the water was and what our mail carriers really go through to deliver us mail.

“He noticed I was videoing and asked if I was catching him crossing on video then smiled when I told him I was.

“He pushed his way through the waters and delivered mail to my grandfather

“I was surprised to see him crossing the flood waters which took until about 5pm to recede.

“My mom’s front yard is about six blocks from my grandparents – my son’s car our front is a total loss.”