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Kindhearted Sisters Rescue Malnourished Dog From Side of Highway and Nurse Her Back to Health

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A pair of kindhearted sisters have documented their journey rescuing a dog from the side of the highway, before nursing it back to health and adopting her.

Amanda and Nicole Lightle, from Streator, Illinois, discovered the malnourished pooch in an area of tall trees and grass at around 6:30 am on May 28.

Having stopped their car to check on the small dog, Amanda, 29, and Nicole, 24, tried to make her comfortable enough to approach them, as she was shaking and very timid.

After the dog – who they named Honey – had run away a couple of times, the siblings managed to coax her back using a bag of pretzels, before wrapping her in a towel and taking her home.

There, Amanda and Nicole bathed Honey, who was extremely skinny and spent a long period of time trying to remove ticks that had gathered on her skin.

Sisters Nicole and Amanda rescue the dog, who they later named Honey, from the roadside. ©T&T Creative Media

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Honey slowly gained her appetite over the next few weeks and became increasingly comfortable leaving a cage the sisters had given her to sleep in.

Now, Honey will head into the living room most evenings, as she has grown more relaxed around humans.

The journey has been documented by the sisters on a TikTok account that they made just for Honey, who has now been adopted by Amanda.


They admit Honey still has a long way to go and has regularly visited her local vet to look at kidney issues.

Amanda said: “Seeing Honey slowly come out of her shell and feel comfortable and safe with us is so rewarding.

“It makes me so happy we were able to bring her into our family and give her the love she deserves. I look forward to seeing more and more of her personality.

After driving to a nearby park to give Honey a wash (left) and at her new home in Illinois (right). ©T&T Creative Media

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“I look forward to getting some healthy weight put on her and seeing her really thrive.


“The response was overwhelmingly positive and so kind!

“Our family and friends just love her already.

“People on social media have been amazing and even have sent her a few gifts.

“She is getting absolutely getting spoiled now – as she should.

“I hope this story encourages others not to simply pass by an animal that appears to be struggling.

“Of course, be safe, and if the animal poses a threat to you, call for professionals to intervene, but don’t just assume someone else will stop for that animal. “You could save a life.”


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