Good NewsSchoolHigh School Students Show Off Their “zoom-fits” for Spirit Week

High School Students Show Off Their “zoom-fits” for Spirit Week

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These students dressed up in their best “Zoom-fits” for Spirit Week.


Led by Student Council Vide President Kalysta BlomWillis, the students of Sheboygan South High School donned their best smart wear on top – and their comfiest loungewear on the bottom.

The trend, reminiscent of many people’s lockdown work attire, was chosen to celebrate not only the return to normality but particularly for the seniors to express themselves after a few years’ of disruption.

Video captured of the event went viral after being uploaded to the school’s social media channels. Organizer Kalysta said: “When everyone is doing something fun and silly, you feel a lot more of that school spirit. 

“And our motivation behind that was we had had those years of COVID, and so we wanted to come back stronger than ever, especially for my senior class.

“I wanted to make sure that the students like felt very much connected and very much into the school.”

Kalysta BlomWillis / T&T Creative Media

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Kaysta, who went around recording her fellow students – and some staff – wearing their Zoom-fits and asking them to pretend they were on a call “like the COVID days,” added: “It felt like everything paid off because people in the comments were saying, ‘this is so clever, this is so funny.’ 

“And it’s just those affirmations that made it all worthwhile.

“I saw adults say, ‘Oh my gosh, this was totally me in COVID,’ and it’s fun to see a silver lining throughout the hard times, to see everyone could understand the ‘Zoom fit.’


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