Good NewsFamilyGrandparents Surprised in Colombia When U.S.-Born Granddaughter They've Never Met Photobombs Pic

Grandparents Surprised in Colombia When U.S.-Born Granddaughter They’ve Never Met Photobombs Pic

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A pair of tearful Colombian grandparents had a surprise first meeting with their baby granddaughter when their son flew in from the U.S. and photobombed their couple photo while holding his 17-month-old.


After Juan Betancourt’s daughter, Violeta, was born in October 2022, his parents, Ernesto and Patricia, found the separation difficult, hoping to meet the youngster one day.

Juan now lives in New Jersey, and over the following months, he had to delay any trips to his homeland because Violeta needed to apply for a visa, and he and his wife, Laura Cuadros, 27, needed to save money.

But in December 2023, Juan was finally able to head home, and so he decided to work on a big surprise for his parents.

On December 27, the couple were encouraged to pose for a photo in a small town called Buga in Valle Del Cauca, Colombia.

As Ernesto, 73, and Patricia, 59, stood smiling, Juan, 33, snuck into the photo’s background, holding Violeta and hoping she would not cry.


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After Juan’s parents were shown the photos, Patricia broke into joyous tears before finally holding her granddaughter after 17 months of waiting.

Juan, who later shared a video of the surprise, said: “When I was behind them with my baby, I was nervous because I didn’t know if Violeta would cry or do something that would have screwed up the surprise. 

“That moment was one of the happiest moments of my life because there are no words to describe something like that.


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“I have been getting many comments and messages from friends telling me they cried watching this video.

“All I can say to the people that leave their country looking for a better future for their family is: never give up or lose hope because it is all worth it once you see that friend or family member again.”

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