A brother flew from Chile to the U.S. to photobomb his brother’s graduation snaps and surprise him after eight years apart.

As Carlos Pizarro, 24, initially looked at the photo his family had taken, he didn’t recognize the figure standing in the background, holding up a peace sign with his fingers.

But then, as everything clicked, Carlos looked closer and spotted his brother, Alexis, 38, who had flown to Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, for his sibling’s big day.

As soon as Carlos set eyes on his brother, he immediately began to well up, heading over to Alexis for a tear-filled embrace nearly a decade in the making.

According to the pair’s sister, Jeanette, who captured the moment on video on May 7, it had been eight years since Alexis, who lives in Linares, Chile, had seen his brother.


Carlos and the rest of the family live in the U.S., but for a number of years they could not return to Chile to visit Alexis because their green cards were processing.

Once that process was over, however, they were then dealt the blow of the pandemic hitting, which made it impossible for Alexis to travel to see his brother, and vice versa.

A reunion between the pair, Jeanette said, would be the perfect graduation gift, and so she and her parents liaised with Alexis about traveling up for his brother’s College of Nursing graduation.

As Carlos met his parents to hand over their admissions tickets, his mom insisted on taking a photo of Alexis with his girlfriend, who was also graduating that day.


It was at that point that Alexis snuck in for a photobomb, before Carlos checked out the photo on his mom’s phone and the big surprise was revealed.

Jeanette, who captured the moment on video, said: “I was relieved we were able to pull off this great surprise – and that my family and I were able to hide this secret from my brother for so long. 

“I also was so happy we had the opportunity to fly out my brother to come stay with us for some time, as well as to give my graduating brother the surprise of his lifetime.

“It was such a special and joyous day for our family, and a moment we will never forget.

“The response to the video has been amazing.


“I have had family and friends reach out to say how much this video has touched them and that they are overjoyed by the opportunity we had as a family to see my brother after eight long years.

“There have also been so many people liking and commenting on how wholesome this moment was.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media.