Good NewsFunnyGrandma Steals the Show as Flower Girl at Granddaughter's Wedding

Grandma Steals the Show as Flower Girl at Granddaughter’s Wedding

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A beloved grandma “stole the show” at her granddaughter’s wedding when she stunned guests as the ceremony’s flower girl.


Kayleigh Bell-Nesi, 29, is extremely close to her grandma, Carolann Bell, 74, and considers her to be one of her best friends.

Carolann has been a huge part of the 29-year-old’s life, helping her family move from Massachusetts to Florida when Kayleigh was young and taking her granddaughter to Disney World and the beach often.

After Carolann’s husband passed away in 2021, she and Kayleigh became even closer, and so Kaleigh wanted to make her a part of her big day.

Kayleigh said she didn’t love the idea of having a traditional child flower girl, and so she asked Carolann – her only living grandparent – to do the honor.

Carolann duly accepted, and on August 19, at Treasury on the Plaza in St. Augustine, Florida, it was time for the 74-year-old’s big moment.


As guests waited for Kayleigh to appear and walk down the aisle, they were instead met with Carolann, who walked out, tossing petals in the air.

The moment took a number of guests by surprise, with many sharing a loving “Awww” as Carolann made her way down the aisle.

The video was later shared on social media, where viewers praised Kayleigh’s idea of including her grandma in this away.

Kayleigh, from Clearwater, Florida, said: “My grandma totally stole the show with her attitude and all the effort she put into her role.


“When I asked her to be my flower girl, she immediately said, ‘So I have to buy a silly dress now, don’t I?’

“It was amazing seeing how touched she was, and she promptly found the perfect dress and sparkly sneakers.

Grandma flower girl
A grandma stuns the guests at the wedding by appearing as the flower girl

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“She has a condition where, if she isn’t walking, she shakes a lot, so sneakers were perfect for her and she looked beautiful.

“Besides getting married, my grandma being with me all day and now seeing this video of her walking down the aisle was one of the best parts of our wedding – I couldn’t imagine her not being a part of my bridal party.


“She’s become a star to all my friends and family.

“I love reading everyone’s comments about her, and so does she.”

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