Good NewsFlower Man Shines As He Dances Down Aisle

Flower Man Shines As He Dances Down Aisle

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A couple’s unique wedding decision has gone viral after surprising guests with a dancing flower man.

In the hilarious footage, flower man Josh Robinson, 22, is seen walking through doors leading to the aisle, going on to bust a series of smooth moves as he tosses petals in the air.

Guests at the wedding, in Tipton, Georgia, couldn’t hold back their cheers and belly laughs as Josh shuffled, slid, and coolly made his way through the guests.

Josh is the cousin of bride Taylor Robinson, who, knowing how he’s always making people laugh, said it felt only right to ask if Josh would dance down the aisle on her big day.

After the March 20 wedding, Taylor, 23, posted a video of Josh’s smooth moves on social media, with the footage instantly going viral.


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Taylor, from Brunswick, Georgia, said: “My cousin is always making everyone laugh, and he’s always a light in every situation.

“I asked if he minds dancing down the aisle for my wedding as a flower man, and at first he was hesitant because he had obviously never seen a flower man.

“But, for me, he said he will do it – and he did.


“When I finally saw his routine, I was rolling on the floor laughing and shouting, ‘That’s my cousin.’

“I hope others know that life is what you make it, and there’s no rulebook – and certainly no guidelines.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media


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