Good NewsDaughter Dresses As Waiter To Surprise Mom After 18 Months Away

Daughter Dresses As Waiter To Surprise Mom After 18 Months Away

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A mom was left stunned after her daughter she hadn’t seen for 18 months surprised her by dressing as their waiter at a local pub.

Emma Nugent thought she was having a normal day at a pub in Rawdon, Leeds, but what she didn’t know was that her daughter Sophie was around the corner preparing to surprise her.

Due to work and COVID-19, Sophie hadn’t been home for 18 months as she had been living with her husband in Doha, Qatar, where she works as a Spanish teacher.

Sophie always knew that when she had the opportunity to come home, she would surprise her mom as she had recently got married in Qatar without her family present.

So a week before her arrival she spoke to sister Sasha to get her help in pulling off the perfect surprise.


On Friday 16th July, sister Sasha, mom Emma and stepdad Paul were at the Princess Pub in Rawdon whilst unknown to her mom, Sophie was hidden outside.

After the waiter took the family’s order, Sasha excused herself from the table and secretly asked for the waiter to let her sister bring the drinks over to the table which she kindly agreed to.

When Sasha sat back down with her mom, she texted Sophie to give her the signal.

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Sophie appeared from around the corner with their drinks dressed in the style of a waiter whilst also wearing sunglasses and a mask.

When she approached the table, she took off her sunglasses and mask but stayed in character by apologizing to her mom for not having the correct wine. 

As soon as Emma looks at who she thinks is their waiter, her face drops in complete shock.

As Emma is still processing that her daughter is back home, she hugs Sophie while the family laugh.

Emma said: “I’d wondered a few times how I would feel when I saw Soph again.


“I thought I would cry or jump up and down, but I was completely paralyzed with shock.

“It was the best surprise that I have ever experienced and I’m so happy that we’ve been able to spend 4 weeks together, it has been fantastic.”

Sophie added: “I’ve got to admit, I was taken aback at just how shocked my mom was – she’s not usually lost for words!

“I’ve been blown away by the response of my return to England, it has been an amazing visit home.”

Story via T&T Creative Media


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