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Buddy By Name…Not By Nature! Jealous Dog Won’t Let Other Dog Get Petted

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This jealous dog won’t let anyone else get any attention – even using its paw to pull his owner’s hand away from their other dogs and back to petting him.

Adorable Jug (Jack Russell/Pug mix) Buddy, aged three, loves being the center of attention so much he doesn’t let pals Brodie or Saga enjoy attention from owner Melissa Erdo.

The family, who live in Ocean County, New Jersey, rescued Brodie, 10, a Puggle (pug/beagle mix) back in 2010 but since young pup Buddy came along he has to share his humans.

Whenever Brodie or Saga are being petted, an envious Buddy jumps in and pulls Melissa’s hand away from them towards him so he can be petted.

In another hilarious clip, when Brodie is getting ready for walkies but Buddy has to stay home, he is seen biting hold of Buddie’s leash – appearing to try and prevent him going out while he is stuck home.


Melissa said: “Buddy is only three-years-old and demands that we only pet him.

“Whenever we try to pet our other dogs, Brodie and Saga, Buddy makes it known he does not approve.

“I filmed this video at home in New Jersey while I was sitting on the couch with Brodie.

“As I started to pet him Buddy came along and wanted the attention to himself.”


Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media

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