A daughter shared the uplifting moment she surprised her biological father after more than 20 years apart.

In the wholesome clip, posted to social media in 2022, Larry Riddle is seen covering his eyes before daughter Jessica Kosobucki enters the room.

When Larry suddenly realizes what is happening, he heads over to his daughter – who he had not seen since she was a child – for a loving embrace.

The moment at Larry’s home in Man, West Virginia, brought Jessica to floods of happy tears as according to Jessica, who lives in Wisconsin, she hadn’t seen her father since 1997.

Due to family drama, Jessica said, Larry wasn’t able to get in contact with her, and there were other times over the next two decades when the timing simply wasn’t right.


But ahead of Christmas 2020, Jessica said she messaged Larry’s wife to say she felt the time was right and that she wanted to surprise him.

Jessica met Larry’s wife in a gas station near their home before following her back to the house.

Recording on Jessica’s phone, Larry’s wife then asked her husband to cover his eyes so she could bring in a surprise she had planned for him.

Going forward, Jessica plans to see Larry regularly, so that her children can have memories with their grandpa.


She said: “The moment played out better than it did in my head – I felt complete, my entire life I wanted my dad in my life, and it was finally happening again.

“Every single emotion rushed through me.

“It’s never too late to take that first step, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Pray about it and go for it.

“You either learn a lesson or things work out and you are so happy you made the move.”

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