Good NewsBoy With Down Syndrome Shares His Motivational Morning Routine

Boy With Down Syndrome Shares His Motivational Morning Routine

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A young boy with Down Syndrome has been boosting spirits across social media by showcasing his morning dance routines to pump himself up before school.

For the best part of a year, Treg Wheeler, 4, has stood in front of his bathroom mirror before school, admired his outfit for the day and danced to tunes of mom Taylor’s choosing.

The adorable videos, shared on the family’s House Of Wheeler social media pages, have received an outpouring of love from across the globe.

According to Taylor, 28, from Boise, Idaho, Treg first started his routine roughly 12 months ago.

Each morning, after he has dressed, Treg is placed on the bathroom counter, where he brushes his teeth and does his hair, before saying his daily affirmation: “I can do anything with hard work.”


Then, it’s time to dance.

Taylor will ask Alexa to play a song, which Treg will groove to in order to pump himself up for school.

Once the song is over, Taylor said, she and her son will then head out the door for class.

Taylor said: “Treg really loves to dance, but mostly I think he enjoys admiring himself in the mirror for a few minutes. 


“Treg could teach a master class on self-acceptance and love.

“Treg brings so many people joy and always has a smile to share – that’s Tregs gift. 

“We all have gifts to share, we all have value. 

“A humans worth isn’t measured by ability.”

Story via The House of Wheeler / T&T Creative Media



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