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Boy, 4, Dubbed ‘Young Ringo’ on Social Media After His Parents Share Video of Him Drumming Along to the Beatles

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A four-year-old has been dubbed Little Ringo on social media after his parents shared a wholesome video of him perfectly jamming to The Beatles with his grandpa.


Youngster Luke has always loved the Fab Four, thanks to the influence of his grandfather Rick – known as Nonno – who became a fan of the band in his younger years.

Rick, 64, received his first drum set when he was 13, and since then has never stopped playing.

Together, he and Luke love having jamming sessions, which, one day, Luke’s parents Erica and Patrick decided to capture on video in Dallas, Texas.

In the couple’s Dallas, Texas, games room, they found Luke and Rick performing “Please Please Me.”

The pair sang together in tune while Luke played his drumsticks on the couch in perfect rhythm to Ringo Starr’s original performance.


Erica and Patrick later shared a video of the moment online.

The post received a number of loving comments, with viewers comparing Luke to a young Ringo, while others praised the parents for introducing their son to such a great band at a young age.

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Erica said: “Luke and Nonno Rick are always jamming when they hang out – when he goes to Nonno’s and Nonna’s house, he even has his own drum set.


“They love singing, playing and listening to great music together.

“Luke is an old soul and loves all kinds of music from the past, but most specifically from the 60s and 70s – Beatles, Rolling Stones, Steve Miller, Led Zeppelin are his top choices, with Beatles at number one.

“It really is truly special every time we see them play together.

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“As he has gotten older Nonna Rick’s arthritis has gotten slowly more severe, so he just wants to make the most of every opportunity to play with his grandson and teach him good music.


“Family is everything and we’re so glad Nonno Rick shared his passions with Luke because it has blossomed into a real obsession we all love.

“So cool as a parent to see your baby boy growing into a real person, you start to see bits and pieces of yourself in your children, along with the other members of your family.

“You hope they get the best pieces of everyone, and this piece was a great one.”

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