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Beloved Stepdad Fights Back Tears When He’s Surprised With Heartfelt Note and Adoption Papers by Stepdaughter

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A beloved stepdad could not hold back his tears when his 15-year-old stepdaughter presented him with a heartfelt note to express what he means to her, as well as pre-prepared adoption papers.


Darren Frizzell, 33, has been in stepdaughter Angelie’s life since she was eight years old.

According to her mom, Alyse, 36, from Perth, Western Australia, Angelie initially struggled to warm to Darren, having seen her mom go through a difficult relationship with her biological father.

Over time, though, Darren’s love and support provided stability for Angelie and she began to warm to the man who had become her father figure.

As a result, Angelie had been contemplating asking Darren to become her legal father for some time, and having told her mom, the pair started secretly working on the paperwork together.

On September 3, Father’s Day in Australia, Angelie presented Darren with a framed note, which her stepdad read while sat at a table in his home following breakfast.


Then, while her mom captured the moment on video, Angelie presented Darren with formal adoption papers, which caused her stepdad to well up.

By presenting these papers – which were now just pending a signature – Angelie hoped to show Darren just how serious she was.

Darren reads the letter
Darren reads the adoption letter. ©T&T Creative Media
Darren hugs Angelie
Darren hugs Angelie after saying yes to adopting her. ©T&T Creative Media

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Darren duly accepted her request, standing up to give Angelie a loving hug with tears in his eyes.


Angelie and Darren are currently in the process of finalizing the adoption through a family court in Western Australia.

Alyse, who shared a video of the moment on social media, said: “Seeing the tears well up in Darren’s eyes, I felt a surge of mixed emotions.

“There was immense joy and relief, seeing the love and acceptance in his eyes, knowing that Angelie’s heartfelt wish resonated deeply with him.

“It was a validation of the strong bond they share, a bond that has been a source of strength, support, and love for Angelie and all of us.

“Darren’s reaction was also a poignant reminder of our collective journey as a family.


“It reflected the struggles, the resilience, and the unwavering hope we have nurtured over the years.”

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