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Young Girl Dedicates Every Weekend for 6 Months to Making and Selling Lemonade Diligently Saving up to Show Parents She Is Responsible Enough to Own a Puppy

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A young girl dedicated every weekend for six months to making and selling lemonade while diligently saving her profits to prove to her parents she is responsible enough to own a dog.

Jaylah Mendez, aged eight, from Dinuba, California, saw a miniature poodle online and immediately knew that breed was the dog she was desperate to have as her own.

But her mom and dad didn’t have the money for the pup and were concerned Jaylah might be too young for such a big responsibility.

So Jaylah made a proposition, she would make and sell lemonade every weekend until she had enough money to take care of the dog and prove she would be a responsible owner.

And after six months, she had enough money to buy a dog bed, food and water bowls, a leash, toys and everything else a new puppy could need.


Then it was time to bring home her new puppy, called Jack, and the pair have quickly become BFFs.

Jaylah dedicated her weekends to selling lemonade so she could get a dog. ©T&T Creative Media

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Mom Juliana Arce said: “We didn’t have the money and we thought she might be too young to have such a big responsibility, but she has been proving us wrong.

“She’s very responsible, she made her lemonade every Saturday morning, put up her stand every weekend afternoon and working on her social skills and money management.


“I’m very proud of her – she’s been working hard in the heat and saving every penny.”


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