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Teen in Disguise as Waitress Surprises Long-Distance Boyfriend

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An American teen had an emotional reunion with his long-distance girlfriend when she traveled from Spain, donned a blonde wig and dressed as a “trainee” waitress in Alabama to surprise him.


Zoe Simo Roca, 18, and her boyfriend Colin Edwards, 17, met while she was on an exchange year in the U.S., which started in August 2022.

During that time, Zoe, who is from Valencia, lived with Colin, who was part of her host family, in Prattville, Alabama.

As the months went on, Zoe said she and Colin grew closer and closer, and by October 2022, the pair decided to be together.

But the months that followed were also tough, Zoe admitted, as Colin’s friends did not know, and Zoe initially opted not to tell her parents.

That all changed in May 2023, though, as through a tearful goodbye, the couple decided that they would try to maintain their relationship, despite the distance between them.


As things remained strong through long-distance communication, Zoe decided she wanted to return to the U.S. to surprise Colin.

Having liaised with his parents, Zoe booked flies for early December – by which point it would have been seven months since the pair had last seen each other.

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Zoe and Colin’s parents settled on a meal to be the way in which to surprise the 17-year-old.


During the day, while on a flight, Zoe told Colin she had exams and would not be on her phone.

As Colin sat down to eat with his parents on December 15, Zoe, who was waiting outside, then received a text from Colin’s dad to say she could enter the restaurant.

As not to raise suspicion, the teenager donned a blonde wig and a t-shirt for the restaurant.

She then approached Colin’s table, where the family had been expecting a “trainee” waitress named Jessica to be their server for the evening.

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After the big reveal, a stunned Colin and a giggling Zoe then headed in for a tearful hug.

Zoe said: “I couldn’t help laughing and looking at him, which made him realize very fast who I actually was.

“It was the best feeling ever – he was so in shock and happy that I felt like the happiest person in the world.

“I would pay whatever to go back to see his face.


“I was not only happy about his reaction, but I just couldn’t believe the fact that I was with him again after such a long time without him.

“Neither of us could help it – we just started crying from happiness.

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“Friends and family loved it and felt so happy for us that they all told me that whenever they saw the video, they started crying.

“I don’t blame them because each time I watch it, I drop a few tears thinking how what an amazing moment it was.

“The next few days felt like a dream; it felt as if I had never left to go back to Spain like everything felt great and the same as when I left.


“I just couldn’t believe that I was back again and it was just great.

“We did a million things while I was there, which was amazing.

“Everything with him feels great and amazing.”

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