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Teacher Surprises Student With Cerebral Palsy By Turning Up To His Home During Lockdown For A Game Of Tic-Tac-Toe

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A student with special needs was delighted to be surprised by his caring teacher with a game of tic-tac-toe on his window during lockdown.

In the wholesome footage, Logan Dicks, 13, and teacher Kate DeLisle play tic-tac-toe using marker pens on either side of the window of Logan’s home in North Andover, Massachusetts.

Logan, who has hypotonic cerebral palsy, can be seen pointing to different squares with the help of his mom Hayley Dicks, and even blowing his teacher a friendly kiss.

The moment took place just as the state was going into lockdown and Logan’s father, Derek Dicks, said the March 26 moment really made his day.

He added: “Logan was very excited – seeing his teacher made him feel great.


“The response to the video has been amazing.

“Teachers should always look outside the box because their students greatly appreciate and benefit from it.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media


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