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Talented Parrot Opens Beer Bottle For Grateful Owner

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A parrot owner has discovered her parrot has a unique knack for opening bottles of beer.

Kitty Goverde, 57, from Uden, Netherlands, has had her two-year-old parrot, Opie, since it was a baby.

She captured footage of her beloved pets unique party trick – cracking open a bottle of Jupiler lager using her strong beak.

Kitty, who owns birds and teaches them to free fly as a hobby, said: “This was the first time she tried it and now we do it for fun once in a while.”

The video shows Opie first trying from the side. But after having no luck, she successfully flips the cap off from underneath all by herself.


Kitty added: “Macaws always want to touch everything with their beak, so Opie saw the beer bottle and started chewing on it.

“They have very strong beaks so I thought she would be able to open it and she did!

Opie, a great green macaw parrot, which are also known as a Buffon’s macaw, are known for their strong beaks.

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