Good NewsFamilySisters Travel to Mexico for First Meeting with Grandparents After Two Decades

Sisters Travel to Mexico for First Meeting with Grandparents After Two Decades

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A pair of sisters born and raised in New York to immigrant parents have finally been able to travel to Mexico to meet their grandparents for the very first time after more than two decades. 


Brenda and Cindy Romero were born and raised in the Bronx, New York, but due to their parents’ ongoing efforts to adjust their immigration status, the pair couldn’t travel to Mexico. 

Brenda, 21, said the process started when she was around 10 or 11, and due to many difficulties over the years with lawyers, Brenda and Cindy, 24, decided it was time to travel to Mexico themselves, given they could return to the U.S. as citizens.

The pair flew to Puebla in Mexico, sharing an emotional first meeting with grandma Ángela Acosta, 79, Margarita’s mom, and separately, their grandfather, Benito Romero, 72, Ignacio’s dad. 

Both meetings were bittersweet, they admitted, as although it was the first time they had met their grandparents, it was also the closest their elders had been to their own children in 25 years. 

Over the days that followed, Brenda and Cindy were finally able to explore their mom’s childhood home, something they had always dreamed of.


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Having captured both first hugs on video, Brenda later shared her story on social media. 

She said: “It was a big surprise to them because they knew the situation and didn’t expect us to visit anytime soon. 

“The first time meeting my grandparents was a wholesome feeling- like a dream. 


“I couldn’t believe I was finally meeting the person who raised her in my mother’s childhood house. 

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“I had literally been waiting my whole life for this moment. 

“Also, meeting my grandfather was very emotional. 

“He’s the only grandfather I have left. 


“They were both very happy and sentimental because that was the closest they had been to their kids in 25 years.

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“I really hope people see this video and appreciate the family they have close around because our parents took a big risk for us and aren’t able to see their parents like we do easily. 

“Always appreciate the opportunity to be able to visit family, no matter where or how far they are.” 

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