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Dad Opens Gift to Find Residency Card, Reunites With Family at Home After 14 Years

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This is the emotional moment a dad finally received permanent residency allowing him to travel home to visit his parents in Mexico for the first time in almost 15 years.


Claudia Morales, from Maryland, revealed her parents arrived in the U.S. in search of a new life for their family, but it meant leaving behind their own families with no idea when they would be reunited.

After 14 years of uncertainty, her dad finally received his permanent resident documents, which allowed him to re-enter the country after traveling abroad.

When the card arrived, Claudia’s mom gift-wrapped it inside a small box before excitedly giving it to her husband—who joked that it seemed like a marriage proposal.

As he opened the box, his eyes lit up as he realized what the moment meant, shouting, “Oh boy! Oh boy!

U.S. residency, oh my goodness! Wooh!” he said, celebrating the fact that he could finally head home to see his family.


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The couple also captured on video their travels home, as well as Claudia’s mom surprising her family.

After the video went viral, one comment with over 400 likes said: “That’s our real American dream, to be able to return one day.”

Many others commented their congratulations on the family and shared their life experiences that were similar to the family.


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