Raccoon With Brain Injury Has Custom Wheelchair To Walk Again


An injured raccoon was given a new lease of life when rehab specialists fitted her with her very own WHEELCHAIR to help with recovery.

Staff were unsure what exactly caused the trauma to 8-week-old Vittles, who couldn’t balance or support herself on all fours.

But having helped create wheelchairs for the likes of dogs, cats, goats and even a duck, staff at Walkin’ Pets in Amherst, New Hampshire, jumped at the chance to try and help the injured raccoon.

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In the adorable footage the company released, Vittles can be speeding around in her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, which will strengthen Vittles’ muscles to help stabilize her body and build up her core support.


From building these muscles, it is hoped that Vittles will eventually be able to walk unaided.

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media