Good NewsProud Mom Goes Viral After Traveling To Shine Attorney Son's Shoes On...

Proud Mom Goes Viral After Traveling To Shine Attorney Son’s Shoes On First Day Of Job

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A proud mom has gone viral after she flew across the country to help her son get ready for his first day as an attorney, shining his shoes and readying his outfit.

Earlier this year, 26-year-old Kelton Anderson achieved his career goal of graduating from Georgetown Law School, passing the bar exam, and, finally, being offered a dream attorney position at Winston & Strawn, a law firm in Washington, D.C.

Kelton’s proud mother, Nancy, who lives in Minnesota, had not seen her son since before his achievements, and so she told him that she would like to be there to walk him to his first day of work.

Having arrived in D.C. Nancy proved that moms never want to stop helping their sons look presentable – no matter their age.

Nancy took Kelton shopping for work clothes and then insisted on shining all of his shoes – moments her son captured on video and then shared online.


Kelton’s video of Nancy shining his shoes went viral days after he had started working at Winston & Strawn, on October 4.

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Speaking of the moment, which received more than 70,000 upvotes, Kelton said: “I hadn’t seen my mom since before the bar exam and she wanted to take me to my first day of work, so I obviously said yes.

“When she got here, she wanted me to be perfectly prepared for my first week, so she took me shopping for work clothes and then insisted on shining all of my shoes.


“She is an attorney herself, so she knows the importance of making a good impression with colleagues and clients and wanted to make sure I was beginning my career on the right foot.

“Honestly, I was very surprised [by the reaction the video received].

“I knew it was a wholesome video, but I was blown away by how positive the responses were.

“It definitely gave me more appreciation for how great my mom really is.

“I always knew she was impressive and proud of me, but to read 1000 comments reiterating how much my mother loves me really drove the point home.”


Story via T&T Creative Media


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