Playful Otter Mimics Stuffed Toy Of Itself While Youngster Moves It Around On Aquarium Glass

The otter was mermerized by his soft toy doppleganger


This is the adorable moment a young animal enthusiast was given an interaction he’ll never forget, as a real-life otter began replicating with a toy of itself while the child moved the stuffed animal around on the aquarium glass.

Jacob Cauich could not believe his eyes as he moved his toy – named “Otter Otter” – around on the glass, with the animal on the other side coping its every move.

For a number of minutes, the river otter at Oakland Zoo, California, USA, glided around in the waters as four-year-old Jacob choreographed its every move.

Jacob Cauich with his toy otter
Jacob Cauich with his toy otter. ©Kimberly Cauich /

The youngster’s parents, Kimberly and Mike, were shocked as the scene unfolded, capturing it on video on June 4.

Having initially seen Jacob playing with Otter Otter, the animal became intrigued and decided to approach the four-year-old as close to the glass as possible.


Jacob’s favorite animals are otters, and so for the rest of the day the youngster was “all smiles,” Mike, 33, said.

He added: “We thought it was pretty awesome.

“The otters usually take a short interest in people by the glass, but we never expected it to interact for so long.

“Jacob loves how playful and cute otters are.

The otter is mesmerizied by the toy otter
The otter is mesmerizied by the toy otter. ©Kimberly Cauich /

“He also loves telling people they sleep holding hands so they don’t get lost.

“Everyone thought it was incredible how interested the otter was in a stuffed animal and thought it was cute how Jacob enjoyed playing with the otter.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media