Friends Help Man With Cerebral Palsy And In Wheelchair Complete Gruelling 5k Obstacle Race


A man with cerebral palsy completed a five kilometre obstacle course through mud in a wheelchair with the help of his friends and family.

Sam Durst was able to complete the Dirty Dash 5K in a wheelchair thanks to his friend and fellow racers lifting him over walls, pulling him through tunnels – and deep, sticky mud.

Using a specially-designed off-road chair called Emma X3 off-road, Sam, 36, completed his long-held goal of finishing one of these gruelling obstacle courses.

He was inspired by both of his parents, Christine and Roger Durst, who had completed similar races.

So Sam set his sights on the five-kilometre-long event, which took place on September 14 in Soldier Hollow, Utah.


Hundreds of people turned up to try and tackle the mucky obstacle route, with many fellow racers being so touched by Sam’s story they gave up on achieving their personal bests to help haul him around the course.

At one point Sam can be heard exclaiming it was the “best feeling of his life” as he was pushed, pulled and carried over walls, under obstacles and through deep mud.

Sam, from Springville, Utah, was accompanied by his parents and his friend, Ryan Grassley, who produced a video to show the amazing triumph-over-adversity story behind his friend’s efforts to complete a course the would usually be off limits to anyone with cerebral palsy.

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media