Peacock Gets 3D Printed Foot After Losing His To Frostbite

Kind-hearted Redditor created the prosthetic for the peacock


A peacock who lost a foot due to severe frostbite and was close to being put down has made a miraculous recover – thanks to a 3D printed prosthetic leg.

Wyoming ranch owner, Mike Galloway and his wife Erin, adopted the peacock – aptly named Mr Peacock – from a local animal shelter.

He proved an able companion to their existing lonely peacock, who acted as guard birds on the ranch.

But tragedy struck during the recent cold snap in January – where temperatures dropped as low as -27C.

The peacock was badly frostbitten, and despite being rushed to vets, there was nothing that could be done to save the foot.


But kind-hearted viewers of Mike and Erin’s YouTube channel, ‘Our Wyoming Life’, came to the rescue, helping fund and build a 3D prosthetic leg attachment.

And now the feathery critter has been given a new lease of life – able to walk, fly and stand unaided.

Mike Galloway, from Gillette, Wyoming, said: “This winter has been extremely cold. A couple of weeks ago we found out he had frostbite on one of his feet.

“We called the vet and went backhand forth but he determined that the peacock was probably going to lose its foot.


“The vet was correct, and his foot literally just fell off.

“When your wife and kids are literally crying because an animal might have to be put down, you make it your mission to save it.

“After we posted the video about the peacock’s plight on Reddit, the community went into action, specifically one user who spearheaded a mission to obtain a plan for a 3D prosthetic leg originally designed for a stork.

“After working out the needed dimensions, he had the 3D printing done and sent it to us.”

The peacock is now enjoying his new 3D printed foot and adjusting to life back on two feet.


Mike added: “He will take time to get used to it and break in his nice new white kicks.

“It’s amazing to us that people took their time and money in order to help us and a peacock that they are more than likely never to meet.”