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A navy commander was brought to tears when he arrived at school to surprise his son who has a rare brain condition after almost eight months away on deployment.

Jesse McGill, 38, couldn’t fight back the tears as son Kingston, 10, let out a high-pitch scream of ‘daddy’ before bursting into tears himself and running into his dad’s arms.

The previous seven-and-a-half months had been tough for Jesse, stationed in West Africa with the U.S. Navy, as his son has arteriovenous malformation (AVM) a rare medical condition that causes vessels in his brain to tangle.

So far in his life Kingston has survived three aneurysms leaving his parents on edge as even the slightest headache could turn out to be something life-threatening.

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Jesse admitted being away from his son was extremely difficult and so, on August 14, in Jacksonville, Florida, Lt. Commander Jesse wanted to do something special for Kingston.

The surprise at Seven Bridges School in Orange Park went perfectly, and one day Jesse himself hopes to teach in an elementary school.

He said: “The toughest part was knowing I couldn’t be there to reassure him and take care of him, that my wife would have to be the only one there.

“I had never missed a surgery or procedure.


“I was so worried about crying before I even saw him and the thought of how much he may had grown or how much he had changed.

“When we reunited, I was full of pure joy and relief.

“I felt so relieved that I was finally there to protect him again and that he wouldn’t have to face any challenges without me.”

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