Good NewsMom Is Surprised With Sky Dive On Her 70th Birthday

Mom Is Surprised With Sky Dive On Her 70th Birthday

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A mom couldn’t believe her eyes as she peeled off her blindfold to see her daughters had surprised her with a skydive on her 70th birthday.

Bev Cook, from Vermont, regularly visits her daughter Crystal Wilson in Mesa, Arizona, a few times a year to catch up and try out different adventurous activities.

And after Crystal and her son went skydiving in 2017, Bev has been desperate to give it a go.

So with her mom’s 70th birthday around the corner, Crystal struck upon an idea – to surprise Bev with a skydiving experience for her birthday.

Throughout the days leading up to Bev’s birthday, the family wrote small notes to get Bev excited for her surprise.


On the day of the jump, September 4th, Bev’s 70th birthday, Crystal got her mom in the car and handed her two gifts.

One gift contained the final note which said simply, ‘are you ready’ and the other gift was a blindfold that she was asked to don for the journey.

As they arrived, Crystal led her mom out of the car still wearing the blindfold.

As Crystal finally asked her mom to take it off the first thing she saw was a sign reading ‘skydive’, which made Bev jump for joy.


The mom and daughter duo took to the Arizona skies that day.

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Bev said: “I was shocked, I just couldn’t believe it!

“This was my best birthday yet.”

Crystal added: “Mom is always down for an adventure!


“It melted my heart how excited she was.

“I have a really hard time keeping gifts for the people I buy or surprise them with, so it was really hard to keep it a secret from my mom for over a week but I’m so glad I did, I wanted to make her 70th one to remember.

“She is always doing things for other people even when she isn’t in a spot to do so.

“She wears her heart on her sleeve and loves unconditionally. “She deserves the world and more.”

Story via T&T Creative Media


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