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Inspiring Teen In Wheelchair Fulfills Dream Of Entering Basketball Court For First Time Assisting In A Play He Drew Up With Friend Earlier In The Season

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A wheelchair-bound teen raised the roof at his senior night basketball game after coming onto the court for the first time to assist a basket in a play he drew up earlier in the season.

In the uplifting moment, Victor Kelbaugh, 18, from Reeds Spring, Missouri, received the ball from a teammate before heading down the court with the ball in his control.

Victor then passed to Reeds Spring Wolves teammate and friend Micah Asbill, who had worked with Victor on the play earlier in the season.

Micah scored a layup, causing the crowd at the February 22 game against Monett Cubs to rise to their feet and cheer Victor’s part in the play.

Victor has always been an avid basketball fan, following the team at home and watching games on YouTube, his mother Becci revealed.


The teen was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), a joint and muscle disorder, and a third of his brain did not develop before birth.

According to Becci, doctors told their family Victor was not expected to make it and, at one point, a funeral was even planned.

But the family never lost faith, and having survived against the odds, Victor now has five therapy appointments a week, having already undergone 36 surgeries.

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Through a local charity that places disabled children with sports teams, Victor – who one day wants to own a gym – was placed with the Reeds Spring Wolves during his sophomore year. 

The coaches took Victor under their wings and during his time with the Wolves, Victor has become an inspiring member of the team.

All season, coaches were hoping to make Victor’s dream of being on court come true – and on the final night, having spoken to Monett’s team, too, they were able to make that happen.

After Micah scored his layup and the screams started, players from both teams ran to congratulate Victor.

Becci said: “Words cannot describe the overwhelming joy in watching your son’s dream come to reality and to see the joy and emotion that it brought to everyone in attendance.


“Both teams and all the fans felt the excitement that this very special moment gave to Victor.

“The smile on Victor’s face will forever be a memory etched in our hearts.

“Everyone no matter their ability deserves a chance to follow their dreams and has something of value to contribute – be the reason someone smiles today.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media


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