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Inspiring Story of Woman Who Lost Legs in Crash Completes Pull-up, Shows What’s Possible

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A double amputee who lost both her legs when she was hit head on by a drunk driver has inspired others by completing her first pull-up from her wheelchair.


In the uplifting video, Sarah Frei, 19, is first be seen beneath the bar, placing her hands above her head.

Then, having gripped the bar, Sarah asks her friend to remove her chair from beneath her, completing a full pull-up as the moment is recorded.

Sarah’s show of strength received a huge response on social media as she was also flooded with messages of support.

The 19-year-old was involved in a head-on collision with a drunk driver on July 30, 2020, which left Sarah paralyzed below the waist.

She suffered injuries to her spine, a broken ankle and wounds on her face; underwent 20 surgeries; and eventually had both her legs amputated.

Sarah before and after the accident. ©Sarah Frei / T&T Creative Media

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Ahead of her first pull-up, Sarah, from Syracuse, Utah, had been training to build up strength in her arms, so that she could get around in her wheelchair without feeling tired.

She underwent physical therapy and visited the gym before deciding she was going to try and complete a pull-up on a whim, having been encouraged by her friends.

Sarah during rehab. ©Sarah Frei / T&T Creative Media
At her lowest point (left) and completes her mission to do an unaided pull-up (right). ©Sarah Frei / T&T Creative Media

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That moment took place on October 4, 2021, and since then Sarah has gone on to complete multiple pull-ups at a time, as well as trying out rock climbing and watersports.

She said: “I decided to try a pull up for the first time since the accident and was able to do it – I didn’t realize how strong I was.

“I didn’t know if I would be able to, but my friends helped me feel confident in my abilities and this helped me realize how far I have come since the crash.”


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