It can be hard to motivate your dog at the best of times.

But one ingenious owner used peanut butter cleverly placed at the end of a treadmill to encourage her pooch to exercise as she recovered from an ACL injury.

Video shot of of therapy dog Aria slowly walking on the hydro treadmill quickly went viral on social media after her owner Defne Dinler uploaded it.

Aria can be seen frantically licking the peanut butter smeared on the end glass wall as she slowly plods along the treadmill in order to keep in contact with the yummy food.

Defne, a therapist from Denver, Colorado, said: “For the sake of the nut butter, she walked and walked and walked!


“Aria had torn her knee and I tried physical therapy with her to strengthen what might still be attached.

“She got to experience the water treadmill but the only way to keep her moving in the correct direction was with peanut butter smeared in front of her.”

Since the video was shot, Aria has undergone surgery and is recovering nicely at home.