Hospital Guard Of Honor For Marine Missing Graduation Due To Surgery


A Marine was given a guard of honor by medical staff after been hospitalized on the day of his boot camp graduation.

Staff at Beaufort Memorial Hospital, in South Carolina, lined the corridor to celebrate Micah Wooten’s achievement of completing an intense 13-week boot camp.

The surgery was not life-threatening but necessary for Micah, his mother said, but due to a case of bad timing, the moment fell around what would have been on his graduation.

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The marine’s family were overcome with emotion when, on August 2, dozens of staff kept appearing to line the corridor to honor their son – a surprise that had been arranged internally when staff discovered how devastating it must have been for Micah to miss his graduation.


Micah, 17, staying true to what he had learned in boot camp, straightened his back as the hymn played, as all marines are required to stand for the hymn.

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media