Hapless Dog Fails Miserably At Crufts – But Couldn’t Be Happier!

Olly, a Jack Russell, received a great reception from the Cruft's crowd


This happy but hapless pooch didn’t win any awards at the annual Crufts dog show – but he did win hearts.

Olly, a white Jack Russell, bombarded his way around the doggy assault course, smashing head first into a hurdle, diverting to sniff the corner of the course and wowing the crowd.

Footage released by event organisers has since gone viral, with wracking up millions of views.

Despite his errors, Olly couldn’t look happier!

Olly takes a tumble. Courtesy Crufts 2017 / via YouTube
Olly takes a detour to sniff the corner of the arena. Courtesy Crufts 2017 / via YouTube
But look at that big smile!