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Small Kittens Make Huge Difference To Elderly

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A retirement home has brought in a bunch of cute animals to give their residents a new sense of purpose – and radically changed the lives of its residents.

The tiny kittens need constant care, which many may think would be too much for elderly citizens.

But in fact the opposite has been true, with the kittens’ need to be fed, petted and sometimes exercised energising the residents at the care home in Arizona.


Rebecca Hamilton, a health director, dreamed up the amazing idea to help elderly retirees feel a sense of accomplishment.


And now the kittens have doubled in size thanks to the nurturing of the pensioners.

One resident who suffered from Alzheimers would often refuse to engage with others, preferring to remain alone.

But thanks to the kittens, he has opened up and now regular mingles with others while petting the cats or takes them for walks.

Watch the amazing video above to get the full story!



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