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Groom Goes Viral After Wrapping His Shivering Bride In Suit Jacket During Outdoor Wedding

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A groom has gone viral after kindly wrapping his suit jacket around his shivering bride to keep her warm at their outdoor wedding.

Michelle Leader-Howard and Scott Howard have been together since 2017 after meeting through a dating app.

The couple began as a long-distance relationship until they finally settled down together in Norfolk, Nebraska.

Scott proposed to Michelle around Valentine’s Day in 2020 but due to Covid-19, planning the wedding became a challenge right up to the day.

On October 17th, 2020, it was finally the big day, however, Michelle’s sister and brother-in-law, unfortunately, caught Covid-19.


Due to this, Scott and Michelle rearranged it so that the wedding ceremony was to continue outside so that their family with Covid could watch from their car windows.

The morning showed promising signs for a sunny day until just an hour before the ceremony when the weather changed dramatically.

As soon as Michelle started to walk down the aisle it began to rain but as she was so determined for her sister to see the ceremony, she continued to walk.

Michelle began laughing at the fact it was raining as no obstacle was going to stop her from marrying Scott especially after all the changes and challenges, they had faced planning the perfect wedding.


Once she was standing with Scott, she began to shiver but instantly he offered his suit jacket to drape over her shoulders.

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Even though Michelle had been so excited to show off the wedding dress of her dreams she was so cold that she didn’t hesitate on taking him up on his offer because it was that cold.

While their wedding didn’t go completely to plan, it was one to remember as they supported each other throughout.

The happy couple just celebrated their first anniversary together and are planning to welcome their first child together in the spring.


Michelle said: “We hoped for cooperative October weather, but we should have known better when planning a wedding in Nebraska, where the weather is known to change from one extreme to another in the same day.

“I was extremely grateful that he did but actually wasn’t surprised that he offered up his coat for me – that’s the sweetheart he has always been since day one.

“He is always looking out for me and doing whatever he can to make me happy.

“He offers me a blanket or turns up the heat when I’m cold, will make me a snack when I’m hungry, and is always there for a good hug when I’ve had a frustrating day and need a place to cry.

“He was definitely my strong anchor through it all reminding me frequently that we still had each other and that’s all that mattered.”

Story via T&T Creative Media


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