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Grandpa Thinks First Meal Out With Family Since February Is Birthday Gift – But Real Surprise Is His Dream Sports Car

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A grandfather couldn’t hold back his tears when he was surprised with his dream sports car on his 80th birthday after his first meal out with his family since February due to COVID.

After dining with his family at a restaurant in Holmdel, New Jersey, for the first time since February to celebrate his birthday, Paul Kissel delighted at spending time together again.

But as the group stepped out of the restaurant on October 17, he immediately caught sight of a beautiful sports car, which had a big red bow wrapped around it.

Paul’s granddaughter, Marina Vurchio, revealed the car, a 1972 Mercedes 350 SE, was extremely difficult to track down, but after they did, the family spent months restoring it.

With so many family members in on the act, Marina said it was difficult to keep everything under wraps – especially during the surprise meal itself.


Marina captured the moment on film, sharing it on social media to millions of views.

She said: “I posted it to show it to my friends and cousins and woke up the next morning to over a million views.

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“My immediate reaction was to be shocked and overwhelmed, but he is the best grandpa in the world and deserves all the recognition and kind comments he is getting.


“Before walking out, with no idea the car was waiting for him, my grandpa said, ‘this could not have been any better,’ the only thing he cared about was spending the day with his family.

“I hope others take the message that materialistic presents, though they can be exciting, are nothing compared to quality time with your loved ones.

surprise sports car

“We all knew this surprise was coming, so we anxiously anticipated it all day so couldn’t wait until it was time for the surprise.

“When we finally wrapped up dinner and started to walk to where the car was parked, we were all so excited, but nobody expected him to get as emotional as he did.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media



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