Dog Has Incredible Reaction To Late Buddy’s Ashes


This is the tearful moment a dog gets emotional after his grieving owner brings home his departed buddy’s ashes.

When Cheryl Copeland, from West Tawakoni in Texas, USA, returned home with the ashes of her late English Bulldog Bubba, his ‘brother’ Gamer started going crazy and she couldn’t work out why.

But after they placed the box of ashes on the floor next to him, it instantly became clear.

In the video, Gamer immediately recognizes Bubba’s scent and presence – incredibly rubbing himself against the box and showering it with kisses just as he would do when big brother Bubba was alive.

As Gamer, aged six, continues to mourn his best friend, it brings Cheryl to tears as she films the touching moment at home with her husband Lee Copeland.


She said: “Bubba passed away after developing CHF (congestive heart failure). My son spent every dime he had to try and save him but there was nothing we could do.

“When we got Bubba’s ashes back, Gamer, our other fur baby, was going crazy and we didn’t know why so we put Bubba on the ground with him.

“They had a special bond, they were as close as brothers Gamer always wanted to be around him, but we were still amazed he realized it was Bubba.”

Bubba died on January 29 2018 before he turned eight, with the video only being shared on social media recently, but even now Gamer will loyally lay by the shelf where Bubba’s ashes sit.


Cheryl added: “Gamer is still depressed from time to time – there is so many amazing memories of Bubba.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media