Girl Left In Tears During ‘Happy Birthday’

This is the hilarious moment a toddler turning two buries her head in her hands at the thought of turning another year older.

As the iconic birthday song plays in the background, adorable Shaelyn Glapinski starts sobbing as her friends look on puzzled as the two-year-old mumbles, ‘No, no, no”.

With the thought of turning another year older hitting home, little Shaelyn cries as parents and friends try to power through and finish singing to her.

Shaelyn’s aunt, Kathleen Trumbetas, said: “My little niece had just turned two and it was time to light the candles and sing to her.

“As we are singing “happy birthday”, Shaelyn automatically starts sobbing dramatically and was shouting “No, no no”.

“We were laughing so hard, which just made it worse.

“The other kids were all asking why she was crying. We can only guess she doesn’t like that song.”