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Dad and Uncles Steal the Show at Six-Year-Old’s Birthday Party Dressed as Superheroes by Getting ‘Super’ Into Character!

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A superhero-loving six-year-old experienced the ultimate birthday when his dad and uncles arrived at his party dressed as superheroes – and got ‘super’ into character.

Karson, celebrating his birthday in Murrieta, California, loves superheroes, so to make his party extra special dad Braxton suggested the adults dress as his favorite heroes and make a surprise appearance.

Braxton dressed his favorite – Spiderman – while Uncle Camry Smith, 28, from Houston, Texas, dressed as Black Panther, Charles as Iron Man and Nathaniel as Batman.

An enthusiastic Camry, who has been best friends with Braxton for 20 years, was more than happy to help – and document the surprise in a hilarious video.

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After skipping out mid-party, on October 24, 2022, Camry and the others can be seen joking as they put on the costumes and make their way through the streets getting seriously into character.

The group were more than happy to pull off poses associated with the heroes, too, and after surprising his nephew, Camry also captured footage of the Avengers playing with the kids.

Speaking of the surprise Camry said: “Seeing the kids reactions were amazing – you could really feel in that moment that they really believed they were looking at their favorite heroes.

“So it made us feel good that we were able to do that for them.


“The response has been amazing, so many people loved it and some are also asking us to come to their kids birthday parties.

“But the video has seemed to warm a lot of people’s hearts.

“We truly just wanted to show how much fun we even had doing it for the kids.”


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