Boy With Down Syndrome Surprised With Whacky Tube Man


This is the adorable moment a deaf boy with Down’s syndrome was surprised with an inflatable tubeman that he had always wanted – and the joy on his face tells the whole story.

Ayden Keating first saw one such tubeman when his father, Ryan, drove past a local business, and since that moment Ayden has watched hours of footage of the wacky creations.

Knowing how desperate Ayden was for a tubeman of his own, Ryan, 41, managed to find one in time for his son’s 12th birthday, setting it up on the family living room, in Nixa, Missouri.

In the heartwarming footage, Ryan moved through the home before finding Ayden in his room, letting the youngster know he has a surprise for him.

As Ayden entered the living room, his face immediately turned from curious excitement to sheer joy, pointing at the tubeman and shouting, “A man!”

Then, Ayden went on to impersonate the tubeman – also known as a skydancer or air dancer – much to the delight of his father, whose video has received hundreds of thousands of views.

(Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media)

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