A doctor dressed as CHEWBACCA delivers the news this young Star Wars fan has been waiting months to hear – a heart has become available for transplant.

Austin Eggleston, 15, from Pontiac in Illinois, USA, was born with three congenital heart defects – a double inlet left ventricle, a coarctation of his aortic arch and a transposition of his greater vessels.

When he was placed on a heart transplant list nearly five months ago he and his doctor made a deal.

Dr. Phillip Thrush promised die-hard Star Wars fan Austin that when a heart became available, he would deliver the good news wearing a Chewbacca costume.

And Dr. Thrush came good on his promise Saturday (March 17), speaking Wookie as he surprises Austin at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.


Austin appears stunned as his doc enters the room asking: “We got a heart? Do we seriously have a heart?”

The youngster then jumps to his feet before high-fiving and hugging the pediatric cardiologist and performing a jig in his hospital room.

A delighted Dr. Thrush then tells Austin: “I’m super excited.”

Austin’s family said: “To see him knowing that he has a chance at life, that he has a chance to achieve so many things leaves you speechless.


“He will make sure that he does remarkable things because of it.”

Austin is currently recovering in hospital after surgery surrounded by his family, talking and eating ice.