Good NewsBaby Has Adorable Reaction To First Haircut, Giggling Throughout As Barber Trims...

Baby Has Adorable Reaction To First Haircut, Giggling Throughout As Barber Trims His Long Locks

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A baby had an adorable reaction to his first haircut as he couldn’t stop giggling throughout the process.

In the cute video, baby Mateus, who is nine months old, headed to his local barbers for his first-ever haircut with mom Marina Garcia Spadim Pereira.

While Mateus sat in the salon in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the hairdresser got to work on the youngster’s long, curly locks.

Almost immediately, he began to giggle as the barber grabbed his hair and started to trim.

Marina, 31, captured the moment on video, amazed at how her son was coping with the strange and new experience.


She said she wanted to share her child’s joy during his January 16 trim as a way of brightening others’ days.

Marina added: “It was Mateus’ first haircut so we didn’t expect him to have this reaction and to not stop laughing.

“I was delighted with his joy, and everyone in the room stayed to watch – it was very spontaneous and he really liked it.

“It was really nice to see people’s reaction to the video, a child’s smile can turn someone’s day around.


“Sometimes you can be having a bad day and find a video like Mateus’, and it makes you happy.

“Happiness is in small things.”

Story via T&T Creative Media


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