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Adorable “Police Officer” Hands Out Flowers, Hugs And Tickets For Being “Too Cute” At Nursing Homes To Cheer Up Residents

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An adorable seven-year-old “Officer” gives out roses, hugs and tickets for being “too cute”.

Oliver Davis visits one to two nursing homes every week to bring some cheer to the elderly residents.

Oliver Davis gives out hugs to elderly citizensOl
Oliver Davis gives out hugs to elderly citizens at a nursing home in Overland City, Kansas City, USA.

After gifting each citizen a flower and a card that says, “Violation – You have received a ticket for being too cute”, he then offers them a hug.

The amazed elderly citizens always oblige, with one exclaiming: “That’s the first hug I have had in 10 years.”

Brandi Davis, Oliver’s mom, explained: “Oliver believes he is a real police officer. One day we were discussing what a policeman’s job is and I explained how they are there to help people.


“He said he was a real policeman so he needed to help people.  We went and got some flowers and took them up to his great grandmas nursing home and passed them out.

“After the first nursing home he was hooked. This was two years ago.  At the first nursing home he said is it OK to give them a hug? And I said absolutely!”

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Ever since Oliver has made it his duty to bring cheer to the residents of nursing homes across Overland Park, Kansas City, USA.


He spend son average two to three hours giving out hugs and flowers per week.

And Brandi estimates Oliver has handed out an eye-watering 15,000 flowers in the past year alone.

She added: “He got in the car a few months ago and said wow I just feel so good after that. 

“So I know it is impacting him as well as the elderly citizens, who are all amazed by his generosity and kindness.

“We have people cry when they hug him and not want to let him go. We have to pry him out of their arms.  


“I had one lady say she has not had a hug in 10 years. He tries to chat with each resident and my favorite line of the day is always when he asks, “Do You Want a hug?”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media

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